Annotations of journal №1 (2013)

O. Kosenko, doctor of historical sciences, professor, Head of the Center of the
theory of the social state,   Institute for Social
Policy, ALSR

Anti-corruption as a priority of
the modern state: experience, problems, solutions

Key words: corruption,
forms of corruption relations, negative implications of corruption, 
fight against corruption, anti-corruption legislation, mechanisms of interaction between the
government and civil society in combating corruption.

The article examines the nature of corruption as a social phenomenon,
looks at its negative implications for the modern society
and   stresses the importance of the steps undertaken by the modern state in
its fight against corruption.

E. Gnatenko, chief specialist of budgeting
and financial reporting, Open Joint Stock Company Gazprom

Major business models
organizing   oil and gas industry service
in Russia

Key words: business models of the structure of oil and gas service
providing companies,
national policy of support of oil industry, strategic
for service providing companies development.

The article describes business models that have been   employed for   organizing oil and gas industry in Russia so
far. It draws attention to the problems
in oil and gas service industry resulted from sharp increase in the number of
foreign players in the industry and as a matter of fact nearly the takeover of
the market by foreign service providing companies.

O. Skuzovatova,   
doctor of economic sciences, professor, Russian State Trade and Economy
University, Orenburg branch

The cost of
living as a defining feature of the development of Russian society

Key words:
region, budget expenditure, cost of living, consumer basket, social indicator,
human capital, economic system, national security.

The article   examines ‘cost of living' as economic
category and gives a detailed analysis of its nature and role. It also provides
interesting information on   structure, size and dynamics of ‘cost of
living' based on data obtained for Orenburg region.   A new model is suggested to optimize
budgetary expenditure in the region and  
finance region's human capital development.

V. Ponachugin, Ph.D., associate professor, ALSR, Novgorod Branch
Public transport and social stability of
the city

Key words: a
passenger, people carrier, a compromise of interests, public transport, quality
of service, community stability.



    The author
suggests the methodological approach to decision-making when 

 choosing a public transport company (people
carrier).  It is stressed that the
approach promotes transport service improvement thus resulting in further
community satisfaction and stability.

A. Volkov, Ph.D., associate professor, senior
fellow, RAS  Sochi
Research Center

 T. Volkova-Goncharova, Ph.D.,  associate
professor,  Sochi State University

S. Sivkova, Ph.D.,  associate
professor, Sochi
State University

Sport and tourism clusters
in modern Russia

Key words: the cluster approach, the tourism industry, sport facilities,
the tourism industry infrastructure, sport and tourism clusters.

The article looks at sport and tourism clusters formation in modern
Russia and makes mention of basic rules regulating the process.    Newly constructed facilities and socio-
economic effects of their utilization for tourism purposes are described;   a systematized list of
major barriers to the formation of economic clusters around
them is given.

Ph.D., associate professor, ALSR, Volgograd branch

Bachelors of
Business Informatics: Educational Technologies

  Key words:  business
informatics, information technologies, professional competences, the process
approach, semantic links

The article
looks at the system of mathematical thinking development   relevant to «business
informatics» students training.  The
process approach enabling high-quality competences formation in the course of study of academic disciplines such as ‘decision
support system and management of manufacturing company', ‘enterprise IT
infrastructure', and ‘IT life cycle management' is analyzed.

S. Mikheyev, head of the department of
Physical Education, ALSR
Self-defense techniques training in
higher education institutes

Key words: self-defense, legal support,
PE education specifics,   criteria of rationality, technical and tactical skills and abilities.

techniques training as a PE course
component of the higher education curriculum is considered in the article. The
author mentions the significance of such a component, its legal aspects and
principles that govern the selection of self-defense techniques. The data
reflecting students' performance during the course are presented.

S. Babich, Ph.D.,
associate professor, Plekhanov Russian Economic University

 Challenges for capitalization of Russian
banking system in regions of the country

Key words: the banking system, the capitalization of
the banking system, the concentration of banking capital, regional
differentiation of credit institutions by authorized capital stock.

The article deals with the
capitalization of Russian banking system as a major factor   of the innovative economy development
and   challenges it encounters.

E. Skarednov, postgraduate student, ALSR

Monetary policy from the Bank
of Russia and European experience of inflation targeting

Key words: the central bank,
inflation targeting, transmission mechanism, price stability, monetary policy,
inflation, interest rate policy.

Major aspects of Russia's
transition to the policy of inflation targeting, and economic prospects of the
adoption of  the best European practices
with a view to their successful implementation are considered in the article.

Malakhova, associate professor, ALSR

 Distinctive features of transition of Russian insurance companies to

financial accounting and reporting standards

Key words: international financial accounting and reporting
standards, the Federal Service for
Financial Markets, the insurance market.

The article examines distinctive features of transitional to IFRS period and
challenges Russian insurance companies might face in its
course. The author gives an overview of rules and regulations concerning the

, post graduate student, ALSR

«The right to have work» - international standards on the principle's

Key words: the right to have work, the Constitution, the Convention, the
Charter, the Labour Code.

The article deals with the right
to have work in the international legal acts, constitutions and labour codes of
foreign countries. The author formulates a proposal based on the study
undertaken to consolidate the right to have work as an independent principle of
Labour Code and make additions to the art. 2 of the Labour Code of the Russian
Federation concerning  main principles of
legal regulation of labour relations as well as others directly related to


, Doctor of Law, professor, ALSR

Forced and
slave labour in the international and national law
Key words:
forced labor, slavery, slave trade, exploitation, the use of vulnerable
situation of a  person, the use of slave
labour, debt bondage, the ILO Conventions, the Labour Code of the  Russian Federation, the Criminal Code,  administrative responsibility.

The article deals with the
substance of slavery and forced labor, the differences between them, the
international and domestic legislations prohibiting them, and the types of
legal responsibility imposed on violators.

V. Koshelev, Head of
the Research Center, Institute of trade unions, ALSR

unions have merged. What's next?

Key words:
the Russian Federation military trade unions,  
modernization and efficiency of military unions, transformation of the
organizational structure, the motivation of union activity
Consolidation of military unions
of the Russian Federation through merging small unions and distinctive features of this
activity are dealt in the article. The author provides valuable information on
the results achieved so far and puts forward proposals for furthering
reorganization of trade union activity in the army. The author refers to the
example of civilian personnel unions of the Armed Forces of Russia
as the practical implementation of the strategic direction of  Russian trade unions, defined by VII Congress

Е. Elbakyan,
Doctor of Philosophy, professor ALSR,
a member of the European Association for the Study of Religion, a member of the Board
of the Association of Religious centers of Russia, Doctor of Philosophy

Religion in the mundane world

Key words: everyday life, religion, the religion of everyday life,
religious belief, charisma becomes routine,
secularization, sacralization, clericalization, bureaucratization, institutionalization

The article discusses the role of religion within the frame of
everyday life. The analysis of its functioning under existing social
conditions, its social significance, values and ethical norms stemming from it
as well as relations and attitudes founded upon it, the
processes of «routinization of charisma», dogmatization, konfessionalization, clericalization, secularization and sacralization are spoken in detail.  The author focuses on distinctive features of
religious belief and practice, symbols and behavioral patterns.

A. Nadirova, Ph.D.,
associate professor, Kazakh National University

 Labour migration issue and its legal
regulation in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Key words:
labour migration, economic migrants, foreign workers, to attract foreign

The article deals with labour migration in the Republic of
Kazakhstan with particular attention to the legal aspect and methodological
approaches applied  to the issue by
Russian and Kazakh scholars. Merits and drawbacks of some labor legislation articles of the Republic of Kazakhstan
are examined.

P. Goncharov,
post-graduate ALSR, leading expert, Labor Agency

Bank loans for self-insured persons (best practices of economically
developed countries)

Key words:
international experience of social insurance, pension endowment insurance,
social lending, Russian Federation pension policy, US pension funding.

The article examines   pension systems of economically developed
countries, special attention is paid to lending mechanisms derived from their
practical experience. The method of self-insurance and self-financing, widely
used in various pension plans in economically developed countries is suggested
for consideration. The author concludes that 
the implementation of the method in the Russian Federation could
significantly strengthen the social protection of insured persons both in
strategic (increase of stability of endowment component) and tactical (pension
savings usage as a collateral for loans taken out for social purposes) aspects.

Nguyen Thu
, professor, the Institute of the trade union movement, Vietnam, M. Sokolova, Ph.D.,  professor , ALSR

features of the tripartite relations in the market economy of socialism
oriented Vietnam

Key words:
the market economy, socialist orientation, the tripartite relations and their
establishment, legislation update.

The concept of the tripartite
relations, the stages of their establishment and development in Vietnam as well
as   legislative practice of their application
are examined in the article. The authors reveal the basic principles of modern
mechanism of interaction of the parties participating in the social and labor
relations, as well as the scope of the term the
market economy of socialist orientation.

Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, Moscow State University

The Russians
in Britain (late XVIII-early XIX centuries)

Key words:
foreign policy, diplomacy, technology, agriculture, education, culture, the
army, the navy, interaction, mutual enrichment.

The article gives valuable
information about the development of diplomatic relations between Russia and
Britain in the late XVIII-early XIX century. The author emphasizes a
significant contribution to strengthening of the relations made by
outstanding   Russian diplomat S.R.
Vorontsov who fatherly supported those Russians who studied the art of
seamanship, acquired various technical skills as well as studied liberal arts
in Britain preparing themselves to serve their Fatherland.