Annotations of journal №10 (2013)

V. Vasilchikov,
PhD in Medicine,
associate professor of public
administration, Kuban Institute of International Business and Management

L. Chikarina, Doctor of Political Sciences, PhD
in Sociology, rector of the Kuban Institute of International Business and


Keywords: senior
citizens, foster family, social services, nursing, public policy, regional practice

The paper looks at political and legal issues of foster
families for senior citizens organization in Russia and
describes best practices of the system of social protection
of the population in regions. The authors emphasize the need to
solve emerging problems at the Federal level and in legislative and
methodological procedures.

I. Shostak, associate professor, Institute of Economics and Law, Sevastopol branch of ALSR


Keywords: commercial secret information; information constituting a
commercial secret; restricted access information, protection of trade secrets.

The paper analyses the issues of regulation and protection of a trade
secret in the labour relations as well as the relationship between the norms of
the Federal law «On commercial secret» and the norms of the Labour Code of the
Russian Federation and suggests ways to improve the standards
of commercial confidentiality in the
relationship between employers and


D. Logachev, applicant, ALSR


Keywords: vacation, labour laws, the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the
worker, scientific literature, countries
of near abroad.

The paper discusses
options for defining the term  ‘vacation' as they  exist  in  scientific literature and
in labor legislation of the countries of
the near abroad. The author substantiates the need to include the legal definition of
vacation in the Labour Code of the
Russian Federation.

Vl. Potapchuk, PhD, associate professor,
director of the Institute of
modern communication systems and technologies of the International Academy of Business and

Key words: communication, information and
communication medium and the picture of the world, virtual space,
phenomenon  of "incompleteness of
existence", symbolic structure, sociocultural regulation of behavior,
image construction, image.
The author states that the formation of a
person's notions of reality is a social process and the product of his
participation (contact) in a group (society) and that creation of the
image of the organization in the of information and communication medium is the
result of correlation between the meanings of one entity and similar systems of
other individuals to reach a consensus.
M. Oleynik, postgraduate, ALSR

Current trends in the bank financing of innovative projects

words:  financing of innovative activity,
project financing, innovative crediting.

The paper examines
modern trends in bank
financing of innovative projects. To finance these projects,
the banks use innovative lending and project
financing. Both methods are promising for the development of  innovative activity in

E. Ubeeva postgraduate, ALSR

MICEX-RTS integrated exchange: the key
elements of the SWOT analysis for the development of strategic initiatives

Keywords: integrated exchange, SWOT-analysis, strategic initiatives, the dynamics.

In the context of financial
globalization Russian integrated exchange structure is actively developing.
However, to further its development it is necessary to constantly analyze the
state of the external and internal environment on the Russian stock exchange
and identify its strengths and weaknesses. 
In this paper, based on the study
of key performance indicators of the activity of
exchange patterns, the author identifies the main trends and designs the matrix
for SWOT-analysis. The author suggests the
direction in which the work of the integrated exchange structure
should be carried out in order to further develop its key strategies.

A. Migranyan, doctor
of economic sciences, professor, ALSR

CES labour market: status and prospects of Eurasian integration

Keywords:  uniform labour
market, its legal and institutional framework, labour force structure, employment and unemployment rates, GDP growth rate,  employment  dynamics

The analysis of a labor market is carried out by the
author in the context of prospects of creation of a uniform labour market for
the countries of CES (Common Economic Space). The paper evaluates
the relationship and differences in the
status of national labour markets
in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia
and identifies the main trends and
characteristics of their development.

E. Afonasenko, Deputy head doctor
for economic issues, Moscow  №26 dental
clinic for children, postgraduate , ALSR

Payments of stimulatory character in the new payment system
of health workers remuneration

labour relations, the structure of the new remuneration system, the formation
of salaries, compensation and incentive payments, the criteria for assessing
the quality of health care , modern approaches to the development of the
remuneration policy,   qualitative and
quantitative indicators for health care assessment.

The paper considers the basics of the new system of
remuneration of health workers in the public sector, its regulatory provision
and major features affecting the remuneration policy in health care. The
example of salaries formation for professional qualification groups of medical and pharmaceutical workers is given.
The author offers the performance criteria, which are an
effective tool in improving the quality and availability of medical care
through the personal motivation of the medical worker.

A. Skrylev, postgraduate, Moscow State University
of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI)

Analysis of the
characteristic features of Russian regional and local airline companies

Keywords: Civil aviation, regional and local airline
companies, importance, trends, typical problems, demand.

The paper examines processes taking place in Russian
regional and local aviation and identifies features and typical characteristics
of airline companies of this type. The author draws attention to the place and
importance of this type of airline companies in the structure of Russian civil
aviation as well as to the factors affecting the demand for air transportation.


V. Azarian, postgraduate student PRUR


Keywords: Islamic finance, banking and its world leaders, interest-free
lending, profitability, banking indicators, their growth during the crisis.

The paper deals with the analysis of Islamic financial
institutions activity, including banks, as well as the dynamics of development
of the whole sector during the crisis. Much attention is given to the analysis
of interest-free borrowing in Islamic banking. The author reveals the principle
of profitability of Islamic financial system, gives information on   top ranking Islamic banks and makes a
conclusions about the further development and the increment of the Islamic
banks assets.


M. Davtyan, Doctor of economic sciences, professor, the Head
of the Department of World Economy and International Finance, ALSR



Keywords: federal budget, reserve fund, inflation, payment balance,
volatility, quantitative easing (QE), oil, the structure of international
reserves, exchange rate.

The author examines
the key macroeconomic indicators of the Russian Federation and analyzes the
stability of the financial system. Particular attention is paid to the role of
oil and gas revenues in the formation of the federal budget and the mechanism and
the future prospects of replenishment of the reserve fund. The author analyzes
factors, affecting the exchange rate, makes a comparative analysis of the
structure of international reserves in Russia and other countries, reveals the
need to accumulate gold reserves in reserves of the national central
banks.  The author determines the future
prospects of the Russian currency in international trade.


I. Aglitskiy, Doctor of economic sciences, professor of the Department of Economics,
International University of Nature, Society and Man «Dubna»,  «Kotelniki» branch

D.  Kulagin, economist of the 1st category, natural resources department,  Vnesheconombank


Key words: forest sector
of the Russian economy, its capabilities and the related threats, public
investment, regional specificity.

The paper analyzes the problems
associated with public investment in the Russian forest sector at the regional
level. Noting that the Forestry complex of the country is not sufficiently
effective today, as it is focused primarily on logging, the authors consider
the possibility of increasing the efficiency of investment projects in the

D. Ostapenko, Deputy
head of  Vnesheconombank


Keywords: investment, state, regions, investment policy.

 The paper deals with issues
associated with public investment at the regional level. The fact that today a
unified procedure of project
examination is mainly carried out without consideration of regional specifics
is stressed. The paper looks at possibility of
increasing expertise effectiveness with a view of specificity of a region and
the object of investment.


 O. Bakhaeva,
PhD, associate professor, Deputy Director for academic and
educational work of the Buryat branch of ALSR

E. Baranova, associate professor, ALSR, Buryat branch

The state of the youth labour market in the
Republic of Buryatia

Keywords: population, labour market, supply and demand in the labour market, employment, unemployment, youth.

The paper analyzes the main features of the regional
sphere of youth employment, which is becoming an integral part of the
reproduction of the regional economic complex of Republic of Buryatia and
considers issues concerning efficient use of labour resources. Much attention
is paid to the socio -economic problems of youth employment in the labour
market of the Republic of Buryatia and the ways of their solutions.

Startzev, General Director of
North-Western International Cleaner Production Centre, correspondent member of
MANEB, UNIDO international expert

Technology of
flexible information-modeling systems in emergency situations. Part2.

Keywords: environmental safety, strategy,
model, eco-informatics, emergency situations and processes - natural and anthropogenic,
their analysis, the possibility of warning systems and technologies.
The paper discusses economic and social issues that
arise while ensuring environmental safety and preventing natural or
anthropogenic emergency situations as well as mitigating their negative impact
on the limited area.     
Anti-crisis Global Monitoring Centre based on flexible
information-modeling systems is suggested as a method for solving resulting problems. Basic functions of this Centre are
identified. The problem of environmental safety is mathematically formulated
with the help of methods of game theory.