Annotations of journal №3 (2013)

E. Samrailova, doctor of political sciences, ALSR;

R. Kugushev, senior lecturer, postgraduate, ALSR

Government policy of
the labor market regulation

Keywords: labor market, employment, labor
market policy, labor market regulation, target-oriented approach in management,
the method of "Key Performance Indicators - KPI», foresight -
an instrument for shaping management
priorities, management by objectives.

The article looks at labour market
supply and demand regulation.  According to the author the purpose of labour market regulation is to ensure labour
supply and demand balance. The necessity to enhance managerial
functions of the state in the labour market is stressed. Target-oriented
approach to management as a method of
assessing labour market policy effectiveness is
suggested. The author considers Foresight as a method to assess long-term prospects of
science, technology, economy and society.


V. Ponachugin, Ph.D., associate
professor, ALSR, Novgorod Branch

Public transport and social stability of the city

Key words: a passenger, people carrier, a compromise
of interests, public transport, quality of service, community stability.



The author suggests the methodological approach to decision-making
when   choosing a public transport
company (people carrier).  It is stressed
that the approach promotes transport service improvement thus resulting in
further community satisfaction and stability.

О. Kireeva, applicant, Russian
Academy of the national economy and
public service

Communication consulting as a means of
ensuring   ethno-cultural system functioning

Keywords: consulting,
communication, ethnos, ethno-cultural

The article outlines the key points of the author's approach to
«communication consulting» concept definition from the perspective of applying
this sphere of activity in relation to ethnicity and ethnic culture. The author
highlights specific features of communication consulting in ethno-cultural

A. Shilaev, applicant, ALSR

Image research
of the employer company as an element of personnel marketing

Keywords: company (organization), image,
personnel marketing, career expectations, labour content, management
style, corporate culture, socio-psychological
climate in a team.

The article discusses a research technique applied to the
employer company image study in terms of employees and
external candidates. Analytical conclusions based on author's
research are presented.

P. Vasilenko, postgraduate, Sochi State University

Organization and management of sports and tourism
cluster environmental monitoring

Keywords: geographic information system, a comprehensive
security system, «green» standards, environmental monitoring management,
human resources of   recreational

The article examines effective elements of environmental and sanitary-epidemiological
status management and control carried out by geographical information system (GIS) during the preparation stage
and when holding international sporting events. The author believes that the GIS of 2014
Olympic Winter Games can become   a method of the
sports and tourism cluster workforce


Аннотация Шалагина (пока нет)


А. Ashikbayeva, postgraduate, PFUR

Resource conservation
in the oil industry of Kazakhstan and foreign countries: a comparative analysis

Keywords: oil production, resources, conservation, efficiency.

The article looks at resources saving technologies employed by oil producing
companies, their sources and areas of support in the Republic of
Kazakhstan.  Strategies for resource
conservation based on the author's comparative study of local and foreign
companies' best practices are suggested.

A. Sokolov, postgraduate, ALSR

trends of public catering market

Keywords: market, catering, trends,
development, dynamics.

The main indicators of the catering industry development, restaurant companies' typology and variety,  as well as their operational characteristics
are examined and defined. Statistical data reflecting the dynamics of
the catering market growth are analyzed.

Yu. Yarmolenko, senior lecturer, ALSR, the federation of trade unions of Ukraine

participation in the development of tourist and recreational services market

Keywords: image of
the country, tourist and recreational services, market development, forms of
state participation, competition, tools, marketing approaches.

Several patterns of state participation in the development of tourist
and recreational services market in the modern world are analyzed. The most
appropriate for Ukraine pattern is defined.


Аннотация Бюраевой (пока нет перевода)


M. Ivanova, PhD, ALSR

Depreciation of fixed assets items in aggressive environment

Keywords: depreciable property,
aggressive environment, depreciation, useful life of
fixed assets, special coefficient.

The article discusses the concept
of depreciable property, the essence of aggressive environment, the procedure
for determining useful life of fixed assets, as well as certain aspects of
fixed assets depreciation in aggressive environment and conditions for special
coefficient introduction.

N. Psareva, doctor of economic sciences, professor,

B. Promyslov, doctor of economic sciences, professor, ALSR;

N. Yatsyno, postgraduate, ALSR

Business and education:  challenges and tasks for interaction development

Keywords: business, education, the problems, mechanisms of interaction between business and
educational institutions, government regulation.

The article looks at the interaction between business and education
as a factor of quality improvement of specialists for innovative economy
professional training. Recommendations for state regulation of the processes
enabling business to actively participate in the educational system are

A. Kadyshev, applicant, ALSR

Systems of corporate training in
Russia and a mechanism of IT introduction

Keywords: distance learning, intellectual potential, Internet
technology, corporate training, project
approach, professional competence.

The article considers introduction of
information technologies in the corporate
training of Russian companies and
a mechanism of their implementation. The
role of some of its elements in distance learning effectiveness enhancing is
revealed and analyzed.

S. Shapiro, PhD, professor, ALSR

M. Turmer, chief of
organizational and methodical work,
Penza regional state institutions and public services trade union

Criteria for
career planning of union workers

Keywords: career,
career planning, union leadership, career criteria, efficiency.

The article examines factors that influence career planning of union workers and shows the hierarchy of career positions in the structure of trade unions. The criteria for determining success
of official promotion of trade union leaders are analyzed.

Y. Svirin, LLD, ALSR

The problem of divergence of civil law and labour relations

Keywords: civil law relations, labour relations, labour contract, a civil law agreement, signs of the labour contract.

The author continues the ongoing debate in the scientific community about the criteria for distinguishing between civil law and labour relations.


N. Sokolova, PhD, associate professor, ALSR

Conceptual basis of Turkish foreign policy: Past and Present

Keywords: geopolitics, kemalism, national interests, NATO, EU, tradition, transformation.

The article looks at changes in the conceptual foundations of Turkish
foreign policy since the emergence of the democratic Turkish state up to the
present time, highlights the influence of the ideology of kemalism on the formation of foreign policy, and
identifies the main directions of Turkish foreign policy at the beginning of the XXI century.

N. Kharitonova, PhD, Moscow state University

The problem of Afghan drug threat: who's in charge?

Keywords: drug production, narcotraffic,  drug trafficking, Afghanistan, the «Northern route».

The author considers the issue of Afghan drug
production and drug trafficking and attempts to follow the logic of the U.S.
anti-drug policy in the region as well as Russia's efforts
to combat the Afghan drug threat.


S. Sklyarov, PhD, research associate, ALSR

Poland's experience in combating corruption (2002-2012 years)

Keywords: corruption, anti-corruption strategy, lobbying, conflict of interest, audit,  a
tender, material gain, personal gain, regulatory and law enforcement authorities, the declaration of assets, government procurement.

The publication highlights the measures taken by Poland in the years 2002-2012 to fight corruption. Their effectiveness and impact are assessed.


L. Zavolokina, PhD, associate professor, ALSR

Foreign trade relations
between the Russian Federation and European Union

Keywords: foreign
trade turnover of the Russian Federation, trade partners of the Russian Federation, commodity
structure of export and import, balance of trade.

The article looks at  foreign trade relations between the Russian Federation and the
European Union ,  analyzes the shares
of individual countries and the EU
as a whole  in the
foreign trade turnover of the Russian Federation  and vice versa.  Commodity structure of Russian exports and imports is estimated and main challenges for   future cooperation between Russia and the EU are stated.


E. Samrailova, doctor of political sciences, ALSR;

N. Sokolova, PhD, associate professor, ALSR

Erdogan's domestic policy - is the era of Ataturk over?

Keywords: kemalism, Islam, secularism,
nationalism, the Constitution.

The article considers directions of domestic policy of R. Erdogan, the
Prime Minister of Turkey, analyzes his reforms and assesses changes
that have taken place in the traditional
foundations of the Turkish state laid by Ataturk.