About Information and Publishing Center
Information and Publishing Center AL&SR is one of the basic functional units of Trade Unions higher educational institute Academy of Labor and Social Relations, whose appointment is to provide a common educational space of the Academy and its affiliates on the basis of the implementation of publishing on a professional level.

Director of the Information and Publishing Centre AL&SR - Natalia L. Simonets
Tel.: (499)-739-62-80
Address: Lobachevskogo street, 90, building 1-19a, Moscow, Russian Federation
e-mail: idatiso@mail.ru

The structure of Information and Publishing Centre AL&SR are:

The editorial board of the Labor and Social Relations journal
Editor in Chief - Polina Ananchenkova
Tel. / Fax: (499) 739-63-04
e-mail: jornal-tiso@yandex.ru

Editing and Publishing Department
Issuing editor - Antonova Valentina A.
Tel .: (499) -739-62-81
Editor - Irina Katkov
Technical Editor - Tatyana Anisimova
Technical Editor - Bagryanskaya Lyubov
Tel .: (499) 739-63-50

Copying and multiplying Department
Senior Specialist - Ivanova Margarita M.
Leading specialist - Berkina Elena
Tel .: (499)432-47-45

The main activities of Information and Publishing Centre AL&SR are:
1. Publication of the Labor and Social Relations journal
2. Publishing of educational, methodical, scientific and other kinds of printed materials, and the previously announced periodicals.
3. Perform range of the publishing cycle works, including editing, proofreading, organization of reviewing process, making the original layout, placing orders for printing and other.
4. Methodological and advisory work with educational and scientific departments of the Academy, as well as with other organizations cooperating with AL&SR, for publication of the printed materials.
5. Development and production of electronic textbooks on the disciplines taught at the Academy in basic educational programs and programs of additional education.
6. Execution of external orders on a commercial basis (print monographs, textbooks, bookbinding, multiplying and other works).

Official website of the  Information and Publishing Centre AL&SR: id.atiso.ru